Planning a Summer Wedding?  All the Wedding Day Details We’d Melt Over!

Summer is just around the corner! And there’s no denying it’s a popular time to get married. Perhaps you are planning a Summer wedding and are wondering how you’ll pull off the coolest warm-weather wedding your guests have ever been to!  You’re in the right place! Read on for all of the Summer wedding ideas set to make an impact on the wedding scene this season and beyond.

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5 ways to add extra wow to your wedding tables

Guest blog: Rea Shaw, Confetti Sweethearts

No one wants the same as everyone else, especially on your wedding day. You want it all to look extra special, like the each item has been carefully chosen to compliment your own wedding style. 

If you want the wow factor and to be different you need to up the anti with your table decor. And I have 5 amazing ways you can do this.

It’s important to consider the guest experience when they sit down. You want the tables to be a feast for the eyes so that they just want to touch everything. Add these 5 key ingredients to your tables and you are well on your way to creating drop dead gorgeous wedding tables.

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How to use colour in your wedding cake

Using colour in your wedding cake

Considering all the details of your wedding can be really exciting, especially when you start to see it all coming together. In addition to your venue, guest list, outfits and flowers you’ll need to make some decisions about your wedding cake – but don’t worry as a cake designer I’m here to guide you on this and incorporate your theme, colour scheme, any other elements and design a showstopper to suit you and your special day.

In this blog we look at ways to incorporate colours into your wedding cake…

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Unique Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Spring has sprung and there is something truly romantic about a spring wedding. They are full of greenery and blooms and there’s a good chance you’ll get some sunshine too! Whilst the weather can be a little unpredictable there are still lots of ways you can enjoy a spring wedding. If you are planning a spring wedding I’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can host a wedding in this beautiful season. These spring details will have you and your guests full of the joy of spring in no time!

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Romance at The Renaissance

You may already be familiar with The Renaissance at Kelham Hall as an iconic mansion, but did you know that this beautiful grade 1 listed building has just been relaunched with new owners and a brand-new management team restoring the building to its former glory?

I visited and worked with fellow wedding suppliers at their inaugural wedding showcase of 2022 and think it’s safe to say that The Renaissance at Kelham Hall is sure to be a top choice for couples this year and beyond! So let’s find out a little more…

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You’re engaged, now what?

First of all – huge congratulations! You are engaged! What a moment! This may have been something that you have been waiting for, for quite some time, and now it’s finally here or perhaps it was more of a shock. However you’ve got engaged, I’d love to know details, who proposed? where? how?  All of the details…..leave them in the comments below!  

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